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31st March (Saturday) Shadowfist Tournament - Leisure Games

31st March (Saturday) Shadowfist Tournament

Leisure Games

  • £1.00

10:30am for a 11:00 start

Entry is £1.00

"Hail there Secret Warrior, a netherworld portal has opened up in north London, UK, letting loose all kinds of chi-bending scum, it's your job to close it! See what you can do before Ming I and her half demon half darkness construct hordes realise too"

Today we are holding a constructed Shadowfist tournament in Leisure Games. Bring your best deck and fight for some unique prize support from Inner Kingdom Games. The action starts at 11:00 and will end by 17:30.

The format is play any card printed (modern era stock l plus anything else printed beforehand). Some errata will be in place since some cards have recently had their costs etc. changed but we will announce this in advance on the Shadowfist UK Facebook page:



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