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COVID19 Store Operating Policy

As we gradually re-open Leisure Games for visitors we have introduced procedures to:
  • Safeguard shoppers and staff
  • Encourage shopping online and Click & Collect
  • Maintain the high standards of our mail order service

We understand that many people will want to see games, maybe to hold them, to get a better "feel" before deciding which game to buy, after all that is one thing that sets shops like Leisure Games apart from "online only" stores. At this time we cannot simply let people wander around the shop picking up and putting down games, that would risk spreading the virus, so we are offering a range of options to hopefully cover the requirements of as many people as possible.

  • If at all possible please order online for either delivery or Click & Collect.
  • If you have an idea of what you want, but need to physically see or hold a small selection staff, wearing gloves, can get the games for you and set them on a table at the front of the shop. We will provide you with gloves, free of charge, and you can then make your choice.
  • If you would like to actually browse the shelves, we totally understand this and want to make it possible whenever we can. We will insist on browsers wearing a face mask (available at cost, around £1, if you don't have one*) and we will only allow a very small number of people browsing at any one time. The actual number will depend on which area(s) of the shop people want to look around, someone browsing RPGs will not affect people browsing board games as they are on different sides of the shop.

We encourage all visitors to the shop to use a face mask. We aim to be able to provide disposable masks which we will sell at cost (probably £1 each*). Hand sanitiser gel will be available for use on entry and exit, and gloves will be available free of charge*.

We aim wherever possible to wipe down items which have been handled.

*Face masks and gloves subject to availability

Updated 11th June 2020, 3pm



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