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Panzer Grenadier: Campaigns & Commanders Book 2, The King's Officers

Panzer Grenadier: Campaigns & Commanders Book 2, The King's Officers

Avalanche Press

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British and Italian armies, 1940-44, by Avalanche Press.
Vol. 2: The King's Officers

Shepherd British and Italian offices through the Second World War with the latest installment in our Campaigns and Commanders series. Panzer Grenadier: Campaigns and Commanders is a series of book supplements that adds campaign games and World War II roleplaying to our long-running Panzer Grenadier game system. The series introduces new rules that let Panzer Grenadier players create Leader Characters representing officers in the armies of the great powers that fought World War II. Leader Characters participate in battle scenarios just like normal Panzer Grenadier leaders, but have far more detailed skills and abilities that add a whole new dimension to Panzer Grenadier play.

Each book in the Campaigns and Commanders series includes historical campaign games that let Leader Characters fight a sequence of battles where they can gain combat experience, improve their leadership abilities and acquire new skills. Most importantly, Leader Characters can earn medals for bravery and move up the ranks so that by the end of the campaign they can be high-ranking officers in command of large military formations. Leader Characters who survive a campaign can move on to new campaigns later in the war.

In addition to the campaign game scenarios, each book includes rules that let players design their own scenarios and create their own campaigns. There is a detailed point-based force-generation system for players who want to plan an entire campaign in advance, and a random scenario generation system for players who want maximum �Fog of War� in their campaigns. This gives the system infinite re-playability and lets players take their Leader Characters into any World War II combat situation imaginable.

The King's Officers includes the campaign games 'The Desert War 1940�1941,' 'The Desert War 1941�1942,' and 'War in the Hedgerows, 1944.' It also includes historical articles and strategy tips on how to use Leader Characters in battle. It is not playable by itself, but requires ownership of Afrika Korps, Desert Rats and Beyond Normandy to enjoy all of the campaigns.

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