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Shattered City Role Playing Game

Shattered City Role Playing Game

Rowan, Rook and Decard

  • £34.99

Shattered City is a roleplaying game about occupation and revolution in a fantasy world ravaged by war. Together you’ll build a city and sketch out its wonders and scars. You’ll take the reins of factions working to bring freedom to this city – or the foreign Guild sent to bring it to heel. You’ll make the heroes of this city: bold warriors, civic leaders, and uncanny mystics. And together you’ll tell the tale of this place’s struggle for freedom.

As flashpoints threaten to set the city ablaze, as you fight to pull down the occupying forces or work within their systems to earn yourself prosperity, as you work with the others to find moments of beauty and hope, what sort of community will you build? And what mysteries will you uncover along the way?


Shattered City matches the faction-scale gameplay of Legacy: Life Among the Ruins with Tabula Games’ bizarre and beautiul Mysthea universe to tell a story of empire and rebellion in a crystal-encrusted land. With dozens of character and faction options, pages filled with beautiful art, and tools to help shape your story as it spans years of time, Shattered City has everything you need to play.

  • Make your own faction in the resistance with 9 different House playbooks: Clandestine revolutionaries, city-priests, titan hunters and more.
  • Define your occupiers with 5 different Guild playbooks: merchants, nobles, soldiers, priests or scholars enforce their rule in distinct ways.
  • Step into the shoes of one of 15 Hero playbooks, and change your playbook over your campaign: from a hardy Toiler to a reliable Sentinel to a respected Veteran.
  • Build a web of alliances as you plot your revolution.
  • Explore a fantasy world encrusted with crystalline magic.
  • Walk the lonesome road of a single hero with the solo play mode.


Design: Douglas Santana Mota and Minerva McJanda

Additional Writing:  Helen Gould, Thea Don-Siemon, Kira Magrann

Art: Travis Anderson, Eren Arik, and Ryan Hennesy

Editing: Rebecca Curran

Sensitivity Consultation: James Mendez Hodes

Creators of the Mysthea Universe: Leonardo Bertinelli, Alessandro Veracchi

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