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The Robotic Age - reduced price*

The Robotic Age - reduced price*

Preston Poland

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The Robotic Age is an action packed RPG of people trying to cope with the advancement of technology in the 22nd century.

The Game

The Robotic Age is an original rpg inspired by various action packed anime, movies, and video games. If you ever wanted to play a game as an android with a plasma cannon that he can charge to devastating effect, a cyborg who can run up walls in order to attack an enemy helicopter, or even just a human struggling against a robot uprising, then this game is for you.

You have full customization over your character, choosing what makes him good at what he does, what makes him better then everyone else, and what he's armed with.

Do you want to be able to turn invisible, have extensive knowledge of demolitions, and be armed with a grenade launcher? Do it.

Do you want to be a walking tank, bullets bouncing off your chest while you dual wield machine guns? Easy.

Do you want to have a jet pack, a robotic spotter drone, and a sniper rifle that shoots electricity? Done.

Just be careful, because even with all the options you are given, your gm is given even more. He's encouraged to create swarms of robotic drones, groups of deadly androids, or even giant death machines to send your way.

And that is just for individual encounters. Your group will still have to deal with human rights extremists who want androids reduced back down to mere servants. Or maybe you will make an enemy of the secret android society that is plotting to overthrow the world. Or maybe you just encounter the... thing that exists in cyberspace. The Robotic Age is a very dangerous place to live.

How You Play

The Robotic Age uses percentile dice (aka d100) for skills and a handful of d10s for damage. In this system you roll low for actions, like hacking a mainframe or hitting a target, and roll high for damage as you try to destroy your opponents physical structure or fry his internal core. As you purchase upgrades, enhancements, and even fighting styles, you will add a ton of new options and bonuses to your character

Your Character

As I said above you have tons of options when making your character but the most important one is picking your designation.

Android: You were built, not born. Originally designed for a specific purpose you have now hit the milestone all androids reach where they gain a sense of self and are considered sentient. You are your own bot now, and although you may not be considered human you are still allowed to live your own life.

Cyborg: Why be human when you can be something more. You have spent the last few years getting every cybernetic upgrade you could have ever wanted. You have so many robotic parts that you now have a power core installed in your chest just to keep it all functioning. And you wouldn't have it any other way.

Transhuman: Using the most up to date technology, you have successfully transferred your thoughts, personality, and memories from your old human body to a brand new android body. Sure, the technology isn't perfect, and there were some glitches during the transfer, but why let that stop you from immortality.

Human: You take pride in how human you have been able to remain. Sure, you might have the odd cybernetic implant here or there, but you didn't go crazy with it. You know who you are and you don't need metal skin to live your life.

Just as important as your designation is the weapon you are wielding. Either because you want a signature weapon for your character to use, or just because you need something crazy to attack people with, The Robotic Age allows you to make exactly the weapon you need or always wanted.

You build your weapon from the ground up, deciding it's effective range, how much damage it does, if it uses physical ammo or energy, if it causes horrible burns, or other elemental effects and enhancements until you get the weapon you want.

Do you want a sword of pure energy that swings so fast it's hard to dodge? Simple.

Do you want retractable claws that burn red hot and can be swung in a frenzy? Of course.

Do you want a shoulder mounted plasma cannon that can charge up its power to devastating effects?

All of this and more can be found within the book.

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