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Terraforming Mars Board Game: 3D Tiles Kickstarter Edition

Stronghold Games

  • £67.50
  • Save £67

This thick, sturdy box includes over 90 gorgeous, multi-piece tiles and markers to make
your terraforming game nights a visual masterpiece. And with the included storage
solutions, setup and game play has never been easier. Quite simply, the Big Box is the ideal complement to your favourite game.

There are two versions of the Terraforming Mars Big Box available.

Terraforming Mars - Small Box: Want to keep your game in one box and the 3D tiles in
another? Then this is the one for you, all the beautiful 3D tiles in one attractive box just
for these items.

Terraforming Mars - Big Box: Want to make a statement? All the beautiful 3D tiles, new
special tiles and a complete organization and storage solution. Attractive deck boxes that fit sleeved cards and cube holders make setup and gameplay even easier.

Both boxes also include the 20 promo cards exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign!

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