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Power Plants Deluxe Edition - reduced

Power Plants Deluxe Edition - reduced

Kids Table Board Gaming

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For 1-5 players, ages 9+, playing time is around 30 minutes.

Every wizard in the neighborhood knows that the best spell components are grown fresh. Unfortunately, there is just one particular plot of fertile soil in the area that is best for growing magical plants. Everyone agrees to "share" the garden, but you have plan. Your loyal team of Sprites will use the powers of the plants to infiltrate the garden as it grows, so that when everything is in full bloom, the most potent patches will belong to YOU!

1. Add a Patch - Add a magical plant from your hand anywhere along the garden's edge! 2. Sprout or Grow? - Use the major Sprout power of the patch you added or the minor Grow powers of all the patches your new patch is touching! 3. Tame the Garden - Use the plant powers cleverly to put your own Sprites into the best fields and gather the most glittering Gems! This Deluxe Edition includes custom wooden pieces.


  • 6 Wooden Patch Tiles
  • 16 Alternate Plant Cards
  • 100 Wooden Sprites
  • 1 Wooden Wizard Pawn
  • 80 Cardboard Gem Tokens
  • 1 Draw Bag
  • 5 Large Player Aid Cards
  • 1 Main Rulebook
  • 1 Solo Rulebook


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