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Nice Monsters & Scary Sprites - reduced price*

Nice Monsters & Scary Sprites - reduced price*

Density Media

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This is a roleplaying game about the friends we had as children who showed us how to be brave, compassionate, and to never give up.

These friends were not imaginary in a way that is dismissive. They were, and are, very real. Your character might be a child. Your character might be an adult. Perhaps your character has left your friend behind, perhaps that friend is still very real.

Mr. T taught us to be somebody, or be somebody’s fool.
Superman helped us on a quest for truth.
My Little Pony showed us that friendship is indeed magic.
Wilfred gave us confidence.
Jem made us outrageous and let our voice be heard.
Gerald, the stuffed tiger, showed us how to love without fear.
Pennywise brought us together.
They are all Sprites: the friends who taught us to be brave, determined, and compassionate. Nice Monsters & Scary Sprites is a game about you and your Sprite. It is a game about finding that inner strength, and overcoming obstacles.

Elements of the story might border on the fantastic, but the game exists in a reality not unlike our own.

To dismiss Sprites as imaginary is to diminish the impact they have on us as people. There is nothing imaginary about the power a Sprite gives: helping us through a difficult time, mustering courage and confidence, instilling within us a strength we did not have. Imagine a time when you did not know how to ride a bike or program a computer, this might have seemed like unattainable magic to a younger self, but now it is easily doable. What a Sprite gives us is the same thing.

It is designed to be run in one or two sessions, but could go longer.

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