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New Gods of Mankind: The Celestial Gardens - reduced price*

New Gods of Mankind: The Celestial Gardens - reduced price*

Dark Skull Studios

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Death is only the beginning. Between the Known World of Mortals and the Celestial Spheres of the Gods lies a place where spirits come on their journey to the afterlife. The Celestial Gardens holds the spirits of all sorts of mortals from the elder races to the new humans when they first pass away. Seven gardens lie in wait for the new spirit: * The Courtyard of Fate * The Orchard of Knowledge, Reason and Madness * The Floral Garden of Vigilance, Paranoia and Sloth * The Fungal Garden of Charity, Gluttony and Greed * The Herbal Garden of Hate, Revenge and Trust * The Tropical Garden of Adoration, Lust and Revulsion * The Frost Gardens of Joy, Pain and Sorrow In this place you will find your fate. The Celestial Gardens contains detailed information on this crossroads of the spirit realm of New Gods of Mankind. Also included in this book are: * Several new Non-Playing Characters * A complete adventure set in the Celestial Gardens * An appendix with expanded rules concerning the Art of Miracle Casting Come and rest a spell in the purgatory of the soul...

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