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New Gods of Mankind: Legendary Artifacts - reduced price*

New Gods of Mankind: Legendary Artifacts - reduced price*

Dark Skull Studios

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Before the age of man, the elder gods and their races created numerous items of power to strike blows at their enemies or protect what is theirs. These semi-sentient artifacts imbued with the might of the gods helped mortals and their deities in the constant struggle to survive. Inside this book players and GMs will find: * New rules for creating Legendary Artifacts * Several new charts showing three higher tiers of Miracle Casting * Legendary Artifacts from each elder race with new miracles * Leviathan Artifacts with several new Miracles of Terror With Legendary Artifacts, new gods will be able to create their own weapons and items for their human tribes. This book is also suited for any Game Master of any system who wishes to add a fantastical item of power to their game.

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