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Everyman (Champions sourcebook) - reduced price*

Everyman (Champions sourcebook) - reduced price*

Hero Games

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Even in a world of superhumans, there’s more to life than people with unusual powers. But even though the average Joe or Jane can’t fly or throw cars around like baseballs they can still provide your campaign with intriguing depth, roleplaying opportunities, and adventure hooks.

Everyman presents dozens of these interesting “normal” individuals for use in your campaign as Dependent NPCs, Hunteds, Rivals, Followers, Contacts, or just people for your characters to interact with. They’re organized into seven chapters:

  • At The Office (bosses, co-workers, and other office folk)
  • In The Media (reporters, website operators, publishers, and more)
  • Law And Order (cops, judges, and other justice system personnel)
  • On Campus (students, teachers, mad scientists, and beyond)
  • My Life As A Hero (people who work for or with superheroes)
  • My Life As A Villain (people particularly associated with supervillains)
  • Among The Multitudes (everyone else)
  • The final chapter is a separate GM’s Vault section for “GM only” information so players can use the book without learning any of the secrets the GM plans to create adventures around.

Liven up your character or your campaign with Everyman!

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