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Enemies of San Angelo - reduced price*

Enemies of San Angelo - reduced price*

Hero Games

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Without evil, there can be no good. Without darkness, no light. Welcome to the dark side of San Angelo: City of Heroes. Enemies of San Angelo presents a sampling of the superhuman criminals who plague the Golden City and its citizens. Thieves, killers, criminals-for-hire and villains of all kinds are detailed to embolden and enliven your Champions campaign.

But in the world of San Angelo, even supervillains are people first.

Enemies of San Angelo contains over three dozen super-powered criminals and anti-heroes, and more than thirty NPC "Normals" for your Champions campaign.

An Enemies sourcebook for Champions: The Super Role-Playing Game and San Angelo: City of Heroes.

Included in the book are: More than three dozen super-powered criminals and anti-heroes.

More than thirty NPC "Normals," each one associated with one of the aforementioned supervillains; instant plot hooks!

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