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Delta Green: Convergence (softcover) – pre-order deposit (expected late 2022)

Delta Green: Convergence (softcover) – pre-order deposit (expected late 2022)

Arc Dream

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Note: release dates are estimates and not confirmed; items are much more likely to ship late than ship early. This deposit will reserve you a copy; balance to be paid when item is due to be shipped. Full price is subject to change; we will notify you of any changes and you may cancel your pre-order for a full refund of your deposit if prices increase.

This scenario will eventually be reprinted in Delta Green: Incursions, also available for pre-order.

John Scott Tynes' original Delta Green scenario, the one that literally started it all. It will be available in PDF and as a standalone paperback. "Convergence" brings a team of Delta Green agents to a small Southern town where a hapless local man has suffered awful changes. He may not be the only one.


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