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Strategy & Tactics Issue #319 (Schlieffen’s War)

Strategy & Tactics Issue #319 (Schlieffen’s War)

Strategy & Tactics Press

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Schlieffen's War - Reexamining the War Plans of 1914: The opening of the Great War on the Western Front has been presented as a clash between the German and French pre-war plans. Both have been the subject of revisionist thinking, forcing a reappraisal of the driving force of the critical first six weeks of the war.

Other Articles:

  • Battle of New Orleans - Brawl in the Bayou: Most of the action in the War of 1812 occurred along the border between the US and Canada, but a few hours’ fighting far to the south in New Orleans would determine the fate of half a continent.
  • The Battle of Tannenberg, 15 July 1410: A clash between the armies of Poland, Lithuania, and the Teutonic Order near the small village of Tannenberg still resonates today, having earned a place in the mythology of the nations involved.
  • England's Pirate Wars, 1568-1725: England’s constant wars with Spain from 1568 into the early 18th century led to a period often known as the golden age of piracy.

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