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Special Ops Issue #9

Special Ops Issue #9

Multi-Man Publishing

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Special Ops #9 consists of several articles, ASL/ASLSK scenarios, and the full game Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, designed by Yasushi Nakaguro and originally published by BonSai Games, The game covers war, diplomacy, and politics in the Asia-Pacific theater, with one-year turns beginning in 1939 and ending in 1944. The game has one map, eight pages of rules, one player aid card, 24 cards, and 50 1" counters.

Featured articles:

  • ABOUT THE GAME - Front Toward Enemy by Joe Chacon
  • SCENARIO CHRONOLOGY - Great Campaigns of the American Civil War by Kenneth Oates
  • ASL STARTER KIT #4 - Pacific Theater of Operations by Kevin G. Boles
  • ASL STARTER KIT #4 - Sequence of Play by Multi-Man Publishing
  • ASL STARTER SET - Hedge Rules examples of play by Multi-Man Publishing
  • CONSCRIPTS IN RED FACTORIES - One Man's Treasure by Vincent Maresca
  • OCS 101 - Smolensk: Barbarossa Derailed by Chip Saltsman
  • DESIGNER'S PREVIEW - VCS Kharkov by Greg Blanchett

ASL/ASLSK Scenarios:

  • ASLSK Scenario S72 - Stretched Thin at Altavilla, Americans vs Germans
  • ASLSK Scenario S73 - West of the Vire, Americans vs Germans
  • ASL Scenario O17 - White Russians, Americans vs Germans
  • ASL Scenario O18 - Purple Heart Hill, Americans vs Germans

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