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Panzer Digest 5 (Winter 2008-9)

Panzer Digest 5 (Winter 2008-9)

Minden Games

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Written by wargamers, for wargamers, each issue of Panzer Digest contains games, articles, and variants of interest to historically-minded players, with an emphasis on playability, and fun.    Each edition also includes wargame reviews and comment, regular editorial columns and input from readers, and (often) variant counters for use with some of the popular games covered within its pages.  

   Issue #5 consists of a forty-page magazine, plus inserts.  Two complete games are included.  BREAKOUT AT ST. LO is a traditional hexagon, two-player operational design focusing on the American breakout in the bocage of France, a month after D-Day.  THUNDER GODS is a card-driven game that simulates Japanese kamikazes against the US Navy off Okinawa in April 1945.  Read on for more details about the games, the magazine, and the inserts...

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