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Line of Fire #11

Line of Fire #11


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Line of Fire #11 contains 60 stuffed pages of content. Prepare to overwhelm your senses with tactics articles for Space Infantry and Heroes of the Gap; in-depth battle reports on scenarios from White Star Rising, Island War Deluxe and �Hot War� from the World at War: SADF Chapter. The Lock �n Load National Capabilities Chart gets updated with units from Heroes of the Gap. An interview with Peter Bogdasarian provides insights into Tank on Tank East Front. There�s a gamer�s impression of Warparty, previews of White Star Rising: Operation Cobra and Heroes of the Pacific, riveting reviews of Worthington Games� Boots on the Ground and Warlord Games� Hail Caesar, plus The Cardboard Curmudgeon strikes again, and more.

And, of course, no issue of Line of Fire is complete without scenarios�plenty of scenarios! Ten of them use components from the ever-expanding World at War system, including a three-scenario modulette set in Iran pitting the US Marines (from LoF#10) against the Soviets in two of them and a large clash of armor in the third�hint: It�s all about the oil. Antsy for some WWII squad-level combat in the Pacific before Heroes of the Pacific comes out? Well, quell that need with two Island War Deluxe scenarios that have a personal connection with their designer, Ralph Ferrari. In a Band of Heroes scenario, Paras from the 101st Airborne drop into Holland for a bloody battle for the bridge at Son during Operation Market Garden. A large-OOB, full-board Heroes of the Gap scenario sends the Soviets into the Eisenbach Gap in a two-pronged attack, a hammer and sickle poised to pound the well-equipped but outnumbered Yankees. Finally, it wouldn�t be the Halloween season without some Zombies. A Thanksgiving-themed All Things Zombie scenario explores a different kind of Black Friday shopping. And from the twisted mind of Mark Mitchell comes an interesting hybrid scenario, �Day of the Zed.� ATZ and A Day of Heroes come together in a bizarre battle of American Rangers and 10th Mountain soldiers being sent into Last Chance, NV, to rescue stranded National Guard troops from an onslaught of brain-hungry Zombies. It�s a solitaire scenario that uses mostly LnL rules, borrowing a couple from ATZ, and requires both games to play. It�s LnL, it�s ATZ, it�s fun on a previously unimagined level. Only in Line of Fire #11!

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