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Knights of the Dinner Table Issue # 266

Knights of the Dinner Table Issue # 266

Kenzer & Co.

  • £4.99

About The Cover: This cover by James Burton has a strange Hitchcockian vibe going for it..

We’re scared — And slightly disturbed.

The Strips

• Born to Hack
• Drifting Apart
• The Road to Redemption
• Total Recall
• A Strange Turnip Events
• Bad Patch of Luck
• Turnip Bout is Fair Play
• One-Two Punches


Special Features

  • Little Bits of Flavor Text: GMs, need a little help creating the mood for your campaign? Look no further.
  • Board Squawk: Mythulhu Creation Cards review

Regular Columns

  • Tales from the Table: Actual stories from the gaming table
  • Web Scryer: The Thing from within... the Junk Drawer! by Ken Newquist

GameMaster's Workshop

  • Denizens of Tellene: Latrau, Sir Grafel by Barb Blackburn
  • All Things Magic: Pulverizing Powder by Barb Blackburn
  • Bait & Tackle: Adventure hooks on the fly
  • Deadly Trappings: The Overlord’s Chamber by Barb Blackburn


  • Lost Game Safari: The Price of Freedom review by Andy Miller
  • Indy Game Scene: The Blackest of Deaths review by Egg Embry
  • Off the Shelf: Nightflyers review by Noah Chinn
  • Brian's Picks: Against the Fall of Night, Till Dawn, 5-Minute Dungeon


  • Cries from the Attic: Editorial of a Madman: Gamer Speak  by Jolly Blackburn
  • Table Talk: Our Readers Talk Back
  • Weird Pete's Bulletin Board
  • Back Room at the Games Pit
  • Parting Shots

Parting Shots

  • Additional cartoons by Bill “Indy” Cavalier, Neal Hyde,  Jolly Blackburn, Benjamin Pierce, McNulty

64 pages

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