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A Case of Treasure and Treachery - Leisure Games

A Case of Treasure and Treachery - Reduced Price*

Ace Murder Mystery

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Our story revolves around the recent murder of Captain William Kidd, one of the Caribbeans' three leading pirate warlords. Shortly before his murder, Captain Kidd experienced an overwhelming sense of his own impending doom. He immediately took steps to settle his affairs and requested that, in the event of his premonition being proved true, his attorney should call a meeting of his closest associates, a group from amongst whom he was sure his killer would emerge.

Captain Kidd was not only a man of foresight and cunning, but he was also a shrewd judge of character and was willing to risk everything, to ensure his killer would be brought to justice. In an attempt to expose his killer, he devised the most fiendish of challenges: one which he was sure his killer would find impossible to resist!

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