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Earthdawn: Elven Nations

Earthdawn: Elven Nations


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Thorns, Spires, and Sails

Fractured and divided in the wake of the Scourge, the three great nations of elves stand at odds with one another in a struggle to guide the elven people along the correct path.

The Elven Court of Blood Wood, transformed by its desperate attempt to survive the Scourge, is the example Queen Alachia expects all nations to follow to be considered loyal subjects of her domain. The Western Kingdoms look to Sereatha for guidance, who remain devoted to upholding elven tradition as it has done for centuries. Years of isolation from the Elven Court have caused the rulers of Shosara to delve deeper into Jaspree’s teachings, allowing their culture to grow along with the world around them.

The great tree Oak Heart watches over them all. Tortured by the current state of its children, twisted by the corruption of the Forest’s Heart, and desperate to bring the elven people together once more.

Elven Nations explores the three pillars of elven culture, their tragic histories, and their struggle to define what it means to be an elf in the modern world. It provides a wealth of setting information including significant characters, organizations, legends, and more, to enhance your Earthdawn game.

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