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Poetry for Neanderthals Expansion More Cards Box 1

Poetry for Neanderthals Expansion More Cards Box 1

Exploding Kittens

  • £12.99

Introducing the 1st Expansion Pack for Poetry for Neanderthals - More Cards Box 1! Combine these 500 new cards with your original Poetry for Neanderthals game to play even more!

AND while supplies last, buy More Cards Box 1 and get the exclusive “Stay At Home Long Time” bonus pack for FREE. The bonus pack features 20 quarantine themed cards with brand new phrases like: social distancing, contactless delivery, and Zoom fatigue.

Poetry for Neanderthals is a family-friendly party game where players earn points by getting their teammates to guess words and phrases. The catch is that you are only allowed to use single syllable words. If you use any words with more than one syllable, the other team gets to bop you with a 2-foot inflatable club.
  • It's a word game that forces you to explain complicated ideas using simple vocabulary while sounding a little bit dumb.
  • More Cards Box 1 adds hours of new gameplay to the original game.
  • The box contains 500 new double sided cards. That’s 2000 new words and phrases to use with Poetry for Neanderthals.
  • Do not buy this, unless you already own Poetry for Neanderthals.

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