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The One Ring™ Second Edition Starter Set

The One Ring™ Second Edition Starter Set

Free League

  • £34.99

Please note:

  1. We expect complimentary PDFs to be made available for this product closer to publication date. We are unable to send out PDFs until the publisher has made it available via Bits and Mortar.
  2. There is a printing error on the D12 Feat Dice; the die has an 11 face on it instead of a 1 face. The dice are useable as long as you remember that, but we are being sent replacement dice by the publisher and while we currently do not have a date regarding when that will happen, we will be sending all customers who have bought a set from us replacement dice as soon as we receive them.

The Starter Set contains everything you need to start playing The One Ring, and more! Focused on the Shire, this set allows for new players to enter the world of Middle-earth from the land of the Hobbits, where all the stories began. A number of pre-generated characters allow players to take the road to adventure in no time. The boxed set, mainly written by seasoned RPG writer James Spahn, includes:

  • Condensed rules, including everything you need to start playing in Middle-earth.
  • An adventure compendium, presenting a number of adventures to be played using the pre-generated characters contained in the box.
  • Pre-generated characters of esteemed Hobbits like Drogo Baggins, Paladin Took, Primula Brandybuck or Lobelia Baggins, and more.
  • A huge full-color map (format format 720 x 558 mm) of the Shire and Eriador, created by Francesco Mattioli.
  • Six square Stance Cards, used to keep track of the fighting stance of characters in combat
  • A set of engraved custom dice, with six D6 Success Dice and two D12 Feat Dice. 
  • Approximately 30 Item Cards for weapons, shield and armor, all beautifully illustrated.
  • A full compendium of the Shire, detailing the land of the Hobbits for The One Ring for the first time.

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