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Social Responsibility: The Game

Social Responsibility: The Game

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  • £19.99


For 3-7 players, ages 14+, playing time around 3-20 minutes.

The whole point of the Social Responsibility the card game is to never stop having fun. And that’s just what will happen with this game that you can play over and over again. Incredibly fun, this ethical card game offers multiple ways to win. So you can enjoy the fact that no time playing it will be like the last. Get your friends together and enjoy a card game with a theme of social responsibility. Because who doesn’t want to encourage positive conversations with our loved ones? Mixing strategy, luck, and memory, this interactive game engages you in multiple ways. Plus, it even incorporates mini-games, such as Rock Paper Scissors, that everyone will recognize. You’ll laugh so hard you'll cry with this socially responsible card game, and you may even want to play the optional drinking game!

There are many elements in the game that mean the person winning can change in an instant.

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