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Fiasco Companion + complimentary PDF - reduced price*

Fiasco Companion + complimentary PDF - reduced price*

Bully Pulpit

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This book comes with a free PDF version courtesy of the publisher in conjunction with the "Bits 'n' Mortar" scheme. A link from which the PDF can be downloaded will be emailed to the address you enter at the checkout once we have confirmed payment, which will normally be within 2 working days* of receipt of orders for products that are currently in stock. (*not including Sundays or UK national holidays). PLEASE NOTE - you will need to enter a valid email address at checkout in order to receive the PDF.

From the Bully Pulpit press release:

'The Fiasco Companion is a supplement for the award-winning game Fiasco, a game inspired by cinematic tales of small time capers gone disastrously wrong. Fiasco won the 2009 Ennie Judge's Spotlight Award and has been nominated for the 2010 Origins Award for Best RPG.

Fiasco is particularly known for its Playset mechanic, a list of lists that provide setting and plot material to spark the imaginations of the players and start the game with a bang. Bully Pulpit Games welcomes fan-made Playsets, and to date over fifty Playsets have been written, covering a wide variety of genres and situations.

The long-anticipated Fiasco Companion includes in-depth discussion of common pitfalls and solid techniques for making Fiasco games excellent as well as advice for writing your own Playsets and hacking the rules. In addition, the Companion features exciting rules variants, new Tilt and Aftermath tables and four new Playsets. The book also features a foreword by Wil Wheaton and interviews with an enthusiastic and growing cohort who are already taking the game into the classroom, the writer's room, and up on stage.

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