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Castle of Mind

Castle of Mind

Fontanus Center

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For 2 players, ages 8+, playing time around 15-80 minutes.

In the colorful chamber of the Castle of Mind, two players clash. The players command colored pawns on the stone floor of the castle. The goal is to reach the middle of the field with the red pawn - and to stop the opponent from doing the same.

The game holds many opportunities. It is up to the players’ decisions, what roles their pawns fulfill, where and when they strike, how they defend and how they switch tactics during the battle.

What makes the encounter especially exciting, is the unique game mechanism, which enables that movement and conflict does not happen at the same place.
This simple but brilliant twist in the gameplay requires that the players’ attention covers the whole board and to try to think ahead of the opponent, keeping several versions in mind. This stimulates the players to think and to develop their thinking.

Thus the encounter takes place in the minds of the two players. The colored pawns commanded on the colorful floor of the castle of mind represent this challenge.

The Castle of Mind is a two-player logic-strategy board game where players move colored pieces on a board of colored fields, aiming to eliminate the enemy's red pieces while reaching the red field in the middle of the board with one of their own red piece. The game's specialty is it's game mechanic: the strike by a piece to another does not happen where the actual move occurs!

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