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Star Wars: Destiny - Legacies Release Party

Posted by James Graham on

Release Party Promo Cards (prizes)

To mark the release of the new Star Wars: Destiny set Legacies, we are holding a Release Party on Saturday 3 February, from 5.30pm.

Between 5.30pm and 7pm, come along and play some destiny. Players will receive a full-bleed, extended art version of “Heightened Awareness”, printed in Aurebesh, simply for turning up.

At the beginning of the Release Party, you will also receive a special Mission Card, which identifies two extended art, Aurebesh cards that you can earn by completing various combinations of four tasks:

  • Bring two decks to the event—one for you and one to lend to a newer opponent—or claim the battlefield three times in a single game, and you win a full-bleed version of the “Veteran Stormtrooper” from the Boba Fett Starter Set.
  • Play two games as Hero or two games as Villain, and you win a full-bleed version of the rare “Jedi Temple Guardian”.

From 7pm, people will have the option of staying in the shop until late to play a mini, friendly draft Destiny tournament (subject to space and availability). This will be using the custom draft rules that we have been playing in-store for the past year (official draft sets will be released later in the year).

To participate in the draft, you will require any one starter set (including the Star Wars: Destiny Two Player Game). The cost of participating, for the cost of the cards you will play with and keep, will be £30-£45 depending on the number of participants.

Come along and meet other local Star Wars: Destiny players!

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