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Play Star Wars: Destiny draft

Posted by James Graham on

Star Wars Destiny Spirit of Rebellion booster pack

Star Wars: Destiny has been a big hit in the store, with booster packs and starter sets selling out almost as soon as we get new stock in!

Recently, we decided to experiment with a box of booster packs and hold a small draft event. Draft format is a staple of Magic: the Gathering and enables players to explore the game at an affordable price. Our draft was a great success and we hope to organise more similar events soon. These are the rules we're using (we may tweak these rules as we go on, but this is the format our pre-release event will be using).

Star Wars Destiny Spirit of Rebellion cards


The purpose of this format is to enable players to explore the game of Star Wars: Destiny and maximise their chances of getting cards they want, at a manageable price. It also allows people to play the game in a mini-tournament with a relatively level playing field.


There should be an equal number of hero and villain players. Each player is responsible for bringing with them the cards from a starter set for the faction they are playing (currently the Rey Starter Set for hero players and the Kylo Ren Starter Set for villain players).

Players should divide into groups, or pods, of 4. The hero players should start facing each other, as should the villain players. Each pod will then be allocated a sealed box of Destiny boosters.


All the booster packs should be opened and put into a central pool. The cards and any corresponding dice should be divided into five pools:

  • All Legendary cards, and their corresponding dice.
  • All remaining hero Character cards, and their corresponding dice.
  • All remaining villain Character cards, and their corresponding dice.
  • All Event, Support and Upgrade cards, along with any corresponding dice.
  • All Battleground cards.

The draft itself should consist of four rounds, in which the cards from each pool are distributed as evenly as possible. Each pool will be drafted in a slightly different way, and in the following order:

For the Legendary cards, all the cards should be placed face up in the centre of the table. One player, picked at random, should choose a card, and take it along with its corresponding die. Then the player to their left does the same. Once everyone has chosen a Legendary card, the remaining cards will be entered into the prize pool

For the Character cards, the hero players should have first pick of the hero cards and the villain players should have first pick of the villain cards. Everyone should end up with the same number of Character cards, with any remainder going into the prize pool.

If there are 7 hero Character cards and 12 villain Character cards in the box, each player should receive 4 Character cards in total, with the 3 remaining cards going into the prize pool. Each villain player should end up with 4 villain Character cards, one hero player will get 4 hero cards and one hero player will end up with 3 hero cards and 1 villain card. All of the cards going into the prize pool should be villain cards.

The hero players and the villain players should draft their respective pools between them, until everyone has received the same number of cards. Where the hands are different in size, the larger hand should be allocated at random. When the smaller of the hands has run out, then the players with the smaller hand should have their pick of cards from the other pool, using the same rules.

The pool consisting of Event, Support and Upgrade cards should be drafted next. In this case, each player should be given a hand of 8 cards. They should pick one card and pass the hand to the person on their left. This should be repeated until there are no cards left. At this point each player should be given a hand of another 8 cards. This time, after picking cards, players should pass their hands to the right. This should repeat until there are no more cards. In the final stage, if there are not enough cards to give everyone 8 cards, all players should be dealt an equal number of cards, with the remainder going to the prize pool.

Finally, the Battlegrounds pool should be drafted. This should be drafted in a similar way to the previous pool, although it will be much smaller and it is likely that players will have hands of fewer than 8 cards.

At the end of this process, all players should double check to ensure that they have all the dice which correspond with the cards they have drafted. The prize pool should consist of 4 or 8 cards.

There are 180 cards in a box, or 45 cards per player. Using this system, the theoretical maximum number of cards doing into the prize pool in each round is 3, with the exception of the Legendary pool where only 2 cards can be included. Although this implies that the maximum size of the prize pool might be 11, in fact, an excess of one type of card must be at the expense of another type of card. In practice therefore, a particularly well distributed box will result in a prize pool of 4, while a poorly distributed box will result in a prize pool of 8.

Tournament and Prizes

Players should then be given around 30 minutes to build their decks, following the normal rules. Each deck can only consist of cards from their starter set and any cards they have acquired in the draft. After this, they should play a round robin tournament with each of the other players in the pod, gaining 1 point for each win. Players may, if they wish, tweak their decks between each game.

If, after this, a clear 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th ranking has been established, the pod should proceed to distributing prizes. Otherwise, there should be play offs until a ranking has been established.

If there are 4 cards in the prize pool, the 1st ranking player should have first choice, the 2nd should have second choice, and so on. If there are 8 cards in the pool, when all of the players have selected a card, the 4th ranking player should pick a second card, the 3rd ranking player should pick a second card, and so on.

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