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Introducing Standing Orders and LCG Cycle Pre-orders

Posted by James Graham on

Legend of Five Rings Imperial Cycle

We've just introduced two new ways to make collecting your favourite games and magazines easier.

We have always run a standing order service for customers who want to collect a specific game without having to remember to order each item as it comes out. In order to make it easier to request, we've now added this service to our website. Simply make a standing order for a specific game in the usual way. If you want to collect in store, we'll put aside a copy of each product in that line for you to pick up at your convenience. If you'd prefer us to post it, we'll get in touch to arrange payment details. We are also offering this service for a range of periodicals and magazines.

As an alternative, for the popular line of Living Card Games, we've started introducing a pre-order service for each new card cycle. Starting with the new Legend of Five Rings Imperial Cycle, you can order all six packs in one go. For an upfront cost, we'll still send you each pack when they come out, and you'll make a small saving. We are also offering this for the Kitara Cycle for Android: Netrunner and The Flight of Crows Cycle for A Game of Thrones Card Game 2nd Edition. We'll be adding pre-orders for LCG cycles for these and other games in future, as they are announced.

Making a standing order or pre-order in this way will make your life a bit easier, as well as ensure we order enough copies to meet demand. We hope you find these new services helpful; if there are any games you would like a standing order for which we have not listed, let us know.

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