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Free RPG Day 2017

Posted by Sean Buckley on

Free RPG Day 2017

Saturday 17th June



There are plenty of games on offer, and some free stuff to choose something from. Call us on 020 8346 2327 to discuss booking a slot. If you have booked, but discover that you can't summon up the willpower to crawl out of bed on Saturday, please call to let us know so that we can reallocate your slot, and keep everything running on time. Get here early to avoid sadness and regret.

Go on. Grab provisions and a map. Maybe even bring a 10ft pole? Venture out into the wilderness of north London, and experience the vibrant and diverse wonders of Ballards Lane. Meet new people. Play things. Get free stuff!


Current Line-up:

Pathfinder (starting  10-10.30am)
Timewatch (2 sessions - tbc - starting  10.30 and 2.30* PM - session might be changed)
RuneQuest (2pm)
Either Runequest, or Star Wars, Force Awakens Beginner Game (10am)
City of Mist - to be confirmed - probably in the morning


You can see the free stuff at the Free RPG Day site:


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